ICON GX460 Stage 5 Suspension System 0-3.5"

ICON GX460 Stage 5 Suspension System 0-3.5"

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Upper Control Arm Type
Experience the ultimate transformation for your vehicle with the ICON GX460 Stage 5 Suspension System 0-3.5". Choose between the robust billet upper control arms or the high-performing tubular upper control arms, and unveil a new realm of off-road possibilities. Designed to elevate both performance and comfort, this system integrates advanced features that will redefine your driving adventures.

  • Customizable Control Arms: Select between billet aluminum Delta Joint upper control arms or tubular upper control arms, offering versatility to cater to your preferences and driving style.
  • Extended Travel Coilover Shocks: The Stage 5 system includes specially tuned 2.5" coilover shocks equipped with remote reservoirs. Experience enhanced heat dissipation and top-tier off-road performance, while the extended travel capabilities provide exceptional wheel articulation.
  • Front End Alignment Adjustment: The ICON Stage 5 system allows on-vehicle adjustment of upper control arms, enabling precise front end alignment customization. Achieve optimal alignment settings for varying terrains and performance needs.
  • Height Adjustable Lift: Gain the advantage of lifting your vehicle by 0-3.5" over stock, courtesy of adjustable coilovers. This feature accommodates larger wheel and tire combinations, enabling you to tackle rugged trails with confidence.
  • Balanced Performance: ICON's 2" lift rear coil springs paired with 2.5 Aluminum Series remote reservoir rear shocks ensure a harmonious balance between the front and rear of your vehicle. Enjoy consistent performance and handling across diverse driving conditions.
  • Enhanced Articulation: Strengthen your off-road capabilities with ICON's billet aluminum lower links. These links not only bolster articulation but also allow on-vehicle adjustment for optimal pinion angle, ensuring peak performance.
  • Precise Roll Steer Geometry: Designed to perfection, the billet aluminum lower links incorporate precise roll steer geometry for unparalleled handling on both on and off-road terrains.
  • Innovative Delta Joint Technology: The upper control arms feature ICON's patented Delta Joint. Combining the best of ball joints and uniballs, this technology ensures durability, weather resistance, noise-free operation, and greater angularity.
  • Seamless Installation: A bolt-on system eliminates the need for cutting or welding during installation. This streamlined process means you'll spend less time in the garage and more time exploring the great outdoors.
  • Aircraft-Grade Components: Crafted from premium 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the CNC-machined components guarantee durability, longevity, and exceptional performance.


Elevate your driving experience with the ICON GX460 Stage 5 Suspension System 0-3.5". Unleash the full potential of your vehicle on and off the road, and embrace a new level of control, comfort, and capability. ICON's dedication to engineering excellence ensures that every adventure becomes an unforgettable journey.

 What's Included:

  • 58747 (QTY: 1) | 10-UP FJ/4RNR/10-UP GX EXT TRAVEL 2.5 VS RR COILOVER KIT
  • 58551DJ (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX BILLET UCA DJ KIT or 58451DJ (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX TUBULAR UCA DJ KIT
  • 54000 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/08-UP LC 200/03-UP GX BILLET LOWER TRAILING ARM KIT or 54000T (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/08-UP LC 200/03-UP GX TUBULAR LOWER TRAILING ARM KIT
  • 52700 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX REAR 2" SPRING KIT
  • 54200 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX REAR ADJ TRACK BAR KIT
  • 57810P (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX 1-3" REAR 2.5 VS RR PAIR

Installation Instructions: ICON GX460 Stage 5 Suspension System 0-3.5"

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