ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5"
ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5"

ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5"

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Ascend your GX460's potential with the ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5", a magnificent off-road engineering marvel. This well-rounded package contains crafted components intended to revolutionize your driving journey, both on and off the pavement. You'll receive vehicle-specific 2.5” coilover shocks with internal reservoirs, affirming ICON's dedication to perfection. Matched perfectly are billet aluminum Delta Joint upper control arms, unleashing a realm of possibilities for your vehicle.

This cutting-edge system boasts upper control arms that incorporate ICON's pioneering Delta Joint technology. The Delta Joint represents an innovative leap in suspension engineering, marrying the durability of a traditional ball joint with the dynamic attributes of a conventional uniball. Unlike the standard uniball, which facilitates vehicle control arm articulation with limited friction, it does have a vulnerability that becomes evident in everyday driving situations - susceptibility to environmental elements.

The Delta Joint introduces a zinc plated housing, introducing a fundamental layer of defense against corrosion. Coupled with a robust grease seal mechanism, this system effectively safeguards the joint's internal mechanisms from potential harm brought by external elements. Featuring metal-on-metal construction and a greasing capability, it boasts an extended operational lifespan while maintaining quiet, noise-free performance. However, what truly sets the Delta Joint apart is its ability to strike a balance between the best attributes of both a traditional uniball and a standard ball joint. It infuses ICON's upper control arms with enhanced robustness, surpassing that of a traditional uniball, while simultaneously offering a wider range of angular motion compared to a conventional ball joint. This unique combination empowers your suspension system with exceptional longevity, resilience, and unmatched adaptability, ensuring your driving experience remains unparalleled.


  • Enhanced Travel and Adjustability: Experience unprecedented wheel travel with the extended travel 2.5” coilover shocks featuring internal reservoirs. These shocks provide the ideal balance of comfort and control, while the billet aluminum Delta Joint upper control arms allow on-vehicle adjustments, perfecting front end alignment and improving articulation.
  • Adaptable Lift Options: The coilovers are height adjustable, providing a lift range from 0 to 3.5", allowing you to tailor your GX460's stance according to your preferences. This flexibility accommodates larger wheels and tires, empowering your vehicle to conquer diverse terrains with ease.
  • Rear Performance Boost: The system doesn't stop at the front – it includes 2” lift rear coil springs and 2.5 Aluminum Series remote reservoir rear shocks. This combination enhances overall performance compared to the 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks, ensuring a balanced and capable suspension setup.
  • Strength Meets Articulation: ICON's billet aluminum lower links are engineered for robustness and improved articulation. They outshine stock components with superior strength and the ability to be adjusted while installed on the vehicle, optimizing pinion angle for peak performance.
  • Perfect Handling Geometry: With correct roll steer geometry designed into the billet aluminum lower links, this system delivers impeccable handling both on and off-road. Plus, the included adjustable rear track bar ensures compatibility with KDSS and corrects rear end alignment.
  • Delta Joint Innovation: This suspension system features ICON's patented Delta Joint, a revolutionary high angle ball joint that combines the durability of a ball joint with the flexibility of a traditional uniball. It's corrosion-resistant, noise-free, and designed to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • Superior Construction: Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum, this system is built to last. The corrosion-resistant CAD plated coilover shock body and 7/8" shaft guarantee longevity, while FK Rod End bearings ensure minimal deflection and extended longevity.
  • Bolt-On Ease: Installation is hassle-free with a bolt-on system, eliminating the need for cutting or welding. This means you can get back to conquering the trails sooner.

Revolutionize your GX460's performance with the ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5". From increased wheel travel to unmatched control, this system embodies the essence of off-road excellence. Whether you're seeking adventure in the dirt or aiming to enhance your on-road journey, ICON has you covered. Reimagine what your vehicle can achieve and make the leap into a new realm of capability today.

Fitment: 2010 - Up Lexus GX460

What's Included:

  • 58647 (QTY: 1) | 10-UP FJ/4RNR/10-UP GX EXT TRAVEL 2.5 VS IR COILOVER KIT
  • 58551DJ (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX BILLET UCA DJ KIT or 58451DJ (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX TUBULAR UCA DJ KIT
  • 54000 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/08-UP LC 200/03-UP GX BILLET LOWER TRAILING ARM KIT or 54000T (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/08-UP LC 200/03-UP GX TUBULAR LOWER TRAILING ARM KIT
  • 52700 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX REAR 2" SPRING KIT
  • 54200 (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX REAR ADJ TRACK BAR KIT
  • 57810P (QTY: 1) | 07-UP FJ/03-UP 4RNR/03-UP GX 1-3" REAR 2.5 VS RR PAIR

Installation Instructions: ICON GX460 Stage 4 Suspension System 0-3.5"

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