Goal Zero Yeti 1000X
Goal Zero Yeti 1000X
Goal Zero Yeti 1000X
Goal Zero Yeti 1000X

Goal Zero Yeti 1000X

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Looking for a reliable power source that can keep you connected while off-grid? The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X power station is just what you need. With its rugged design and powerful battery, this power station is perfect for overlanding, off-road adventures, and van life. Here are some of the key features of the Goal Zero Yeti 1000X:

  • Massive Capacity: The Yeti 1000X has a 1,080 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, providing enough power to run your fridge, lights, and other essential electronics for hours on end.
  • Multiple Charging Options: Charge your Yeti 1000X via solar panels, wall outlet, or car charger, giving you the flexibility to recharge it in any situation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The Yeti 1000X has a user-friendly interface that lets you monitor power output, battery level, and charging status with ease.
  • Rugged Design: This power station is built tough, with a durable exterior that can withstand the elements and rough handling on the road.
  • Silent Operation: The Yeti 1000X operates silently, making it perfect for use in campgrounds, RV parks, and other quiet environments.

Investing in the Goal Zero Yeti 1000X power station is a smart choice for anyone looking to stay connected and powered up while on the road. With its massive capacity, multiple charging options, user-friendly interface, rugged design, and silent operation, it's the perfect power source for any off-grid adventure. Order yours today and start exploring with confidence!

User Guide

Used For: Home Backup/ Vehicle Integration/ Outdoor
Capacity: 983 Wh
Input Voltage: 5 To 20 Volt/ 14 To 50 Volt
Output Voltage: 5 Volt/ 5 To 12 Volt/ 5 To 20 Volt/ 12 Volt/ 120 Volt
Power Supply: 120 Watt Power Supply AC Wall Charger/ 12 Volt Car Charging Cable/ Solar Power Input
Charging Time: 9 Hours Wall Charger/ 12 To 24 Hours Of 100 Watt Solar Panels /6 To 12 Hours Of 200 Watt Solar Panel
Connection Type: High Power Charging Port (AC/Solar)/ 8 Millimeter Charging Port (AC/Solar) USB-C PD Port/ USB-A Port
Length (IN): 15-1/4 Inch
Width (IN): 10.23 Inch
Height (IN): 9.86 Inch
Color: Black And Silver
With Built-In Flashlight: No
With Cable Adapter: Yes

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