Why the Dometic RTX 2000 is the Best Choice for Your Van Conversion

If you're like one of the thousands who have decided to embark on the dream of living wild and free in your self-converted campervan and thought about how to keep yourself cool on those warm summer days, then you're in the right place. The Dometic RTX 2000 is the ideal choice for those of us who don't want to sacrifice comfort in our van conversion. In this blog, we will go through why the Dometic RTX 2000 is the most installed air conditioning unit across all van platforms and exactly the spec you need to ensure that you not only have enough battery to run this unit but what you can expect while living life on the road in your version of the ultimate adventure van. After all the boring yet important specifications of the Dometic RTX 2000, you will find out practical reasoning for considering this unit. You can find personal opinions and information we think you should consider at the bottom of the page. 

Efficiency and Extended Running Time: The Dometic RTX 2000 is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling performance while optimizing power consumption. Its eco-friendly mode consumes only 19A of power, allowing you to enjoy extended use without worrying about excessive battery drain. Achieve up to 12 hours of continuous cooling, ensuring comfort throughout your van adventures. 

Tailored for Van Conversions: Designed specifically for van conversions, the Coolair RTX 2000 seamlessly integrates into your campervan. Its compact and self-contained design makes it an excellent choice for optimizing limited space in your van. With an approximate internal opening of 15 1/2" x 19", this air conditioner fits perfectly into your van's layout, providing efficient cooling without sacrificing valuable space.

Powerful Cooling Capacity: Van life often exposes you to varying temperatures, but with the Dometic RTX 2000, you can maintain an optimal climate within your campervan. This powerful unit boasts a cooling capacity of 2000W (6,824 BTU), allowing it to combat hot temperatures and keep your van comfortably cool, even during scorching summer days. For those of us who love the desert, summers in the desert are now an option! 

Whisper-Quiet Operation: The Dometic RTX 2000 ensures a peaceful and restful environment in your campervan with its whisper-quiet operation. Emitting noise levels of less than 70dBa, this air conditioner operates discreetly in the background, allowing you to relax and enjoy tranquility during your van life adventures. 

Intuitive Controls and Adaptive Automatic Mode: Controlling your campervan's climate is a breeze with the Coolair RTX 2000. The large, high-contrast display and individually adjustable air distribution enable you to customize the cooling settings to your preference. Experience the convenience of the adaptive automatic mode, which adjusts the cooling based on the ambient temperature, providing optimal comfort while on the road.

Durability and Easy Installation: Constructed with durability in mind, the Coolair RTX 2000 is built to withstand the demands of van life. It meets ADR compliance, ensuring both safety and longevity for your campervan. The integrated design houses all air conditioning components within the roof unit, streamlining installation and saving precious space in your van.

Transform Your Van Conversion with the RTX 2000: With its powerful cooling capabilities and van conversion-friendly features, the Dometic RTX 2000 is the perfect companion for your campervan transformation. Experience the freedom and comfort of a cool and refreshing environment inside your van, no matter the outside temperature. Take your van conversion to the next level with the Dometic RTX 2000 and create a cozy haven on wheels for your adventures.

Additional Components: If you've made it this far then it's probably safe to assume that you would like to know what else it is that you need to complete the install of your Dometic Air Conditioner. Click this link to see the full description of the additional items necessary to keep your van cool. 

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Approximate internal opening: 15 1/2" x 19"
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of 41 °F to 126 °F
  • ADR compliant for added safety
  • Turbo cooling operating mode for quick temperature reduction
  • High cooling capacity of 2000W (6,824 BTU)
  • Very quiet operation (<70dBa)


Our Personal Opinion:

Now that we got all the boring technical specifications out of the way, let's talk practicality of the Dometic RTX 2000 and why we think there's no better option for cooling your adventure van than this unit. 

If you're new to van life or adventure vehicles, then maybe the name Dometic is new to you. But, if you're like us and have been around the adventure vehicle scene for a while, then you will know that Dometic and all its products are what some would consider the gold standard of adventure vehicle products. The RTX 2000 is no different. The unit is easily installed even if you don't have an electrical engineering degree, which is probably our favorite part of this air conditioner. But beyond the ease of installation, the unit is efficient and can be powered with a fairly simple electrical system which is the most expensive part of any van build. The cooling power of this unit, even on eco-mode, is something to be considered as well. Even the largest vans on the market can be cooled with this unit. Something to take into consideration is the insulation of your van. The cooling power of the Dometic RTX 2000 is fantastic, but if you have poor insulation, you may run into issues keeping it cool in the hot sun. 

Overall the Dometic RTX 2000 is the best solution we have come across to keep your van cool in the blazing heat of the summer sun. We know of other options out there, but we prefer to write about the ones that we have personal experience with. Not all van conversions need an air conditioning unit. Climate and the time of year you prefer to travel all play a part in the decision-making process. If you do prefer those summer days on the coast or in the desert, you will find yourself needing an air conditioner, and the RTX 2000 from Dometic will fit the bill perfectly.