Sprinter Van B-Pillar Trim Kit

If you have ever built an adventure van, you know the pains of trying to upholster the foam blocks on the B-pillar. For years the only good solution was to try and wrap with fabric and hope that the glue would hold as you bounced down dirt roads. Your other option was to keep the ugly foam blocks and live with the reality that nothing looks perfect, no matter how hard you try or how much of a craftsman you are. I'm happy to report that there has finally been a breakthrough for this pinch point in your sprinter van conversion! In this article, we will talk explain how this trim kit fits, where you can get it, and even how the installation process goes. 



That's right. You're looking at one of the most forward-thinking products for your sprinter van, the B-pillar trim kit. Not only for the B-pillar but also for that ugly area that somehow has been overlooked by van builders, and that's the over slider. You know, that ugly section over the slider door that you look at every time you step out of your van? With this trim kit, you can now take those foam blocks you have been staring at for the last three days and toss them in the trash because this kit completely removes the need to have them! 

This solution is designed to work with your factory cross members, the B-pillar trim kit fits perfectly inside the factory plastic pieces that come standard on all sprinter vans and create a seamless, professional look without hours of manual labor. These trim pieces are manufactured right here in the USA and are made of an injection molded ABS plastic that can be painted or upholstered. These kits come with all the hardware you need to create a custom finish, so there's no need to scour your local hardware store in search of the solution for the van worlds problem. 

Although this is not a completely new idea, The B-pillar and over slider trim kit has definitely set the bar higher for the average van builder and created a solution that can be fully customizable to your van conversion, allowing you to take this once painful area and make it as beautiful as the rest of your van. 


How To Install The Sprinter B-pillar Trim Kits? 

Well, thats a little bit harder to explain in written word so we will do you a favor. Here's a video to better explain just how easy this kit is to install in your sprinter van. After you've watched the video below, come back and we will explain a bit more about how you can get your hands on these bad boys and get you back to your conversion. This video isn't a complete install guide, but it's a simple walk through that will give you the gist of what you need to know before you place an order. 

Will The B-Pillar Trim Kit Fit My Sprinter? 

We thought you would never ask! So far, the B-pillar trim kits have fit on every Sprinter van from model year 2012 to present. Because Mercedes hasn't made much change to the overall structural components of their vans over the years, the trim kits have been working on all models and all the different wheelbases. There may be some slight variation of your headliner size that could play a part in older model years (2012 and older), but with a few simple modifications to your ceiling kit, you can cover any gaps that may appear after installation. If you're one of the many who hasn't yet purchased a ceiling kit and are looking for something that will fit together all at once, I suggest you check out this link to enhance your van building experience. Having all the products at once will make your job a lot easier. 

Looking To Buy A Trim Kit For Your Van? 

If you're one of the thousands of us who have converted our sprinter and then started putting all the finishing touches on your van to realize that one of the last steps in the process is figuring out how to create a clean look around your foam blocks, then we have the answer to your prayers. The link will give you access to one of the most revolutionary products that have hit the van market in a long time, and we're happy to say that as of this writing, they're in stock and ready to ship!