Enhancing Your Sprinter Van Conversion: 5 Must-Have Accessories for a Memorable Camper Van Experience

When it comes to converting your Sprinter van into a comfortable and functional camper van, choosing the right accessories can make all the difference. Today we will explore the five most common Sprinter van accessories that are essential for a successful van conversion. These accessories not only enhance your van's functionality but also elevate your travel experience, ensuring that every adventure on the road is filled with comfort and convenience. While all opinions on this subject may vary, this is where we place our attention based on the experience we've had converting a Sprinter van into a fully functional living space. 

  1. Bed: Restful Nights on the Road

A comfortable bed is the cornerstone of any camper van conversion. After a day of exploring, a good night's sleep is essential for recharging your energy. By installing a well-designed bed in your Sprinter van, you can transform it into a cozy haven. Some opt for a foldable or convertible bed system that maximizes space during the day and provides a comfortable sleeping area at night, but that doesn't have to be your main focus. We choose to have a fixed bed with ample storage room in the wheel well boxes below. A quality mattress is a must, and proper insulation can significantly enhance your sleeping experience, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

  1. Refrigerator and Stove: Culinary Delights on Wheels


One of the joys of van life is being able to prepare your own meals on the go. Installing a refrigerator and stove in your Sprinter van enables you to enjoy fresh food and cook delicious meals wherever your journey takes you. A compact refrigerator keeps your groceries fresh and your beverages chilled, while a built-in stove allows you to prepare your favorite recipes. Having these appliances at hand means you can embrace the freedom of cooking and dining wherever your travels lead, making your van feel like a home away from home. We've found that trying to incorporate a full kitchen similar to what you're used to at home can become overly complicated and require more space than what you have available. Keeping the kitchen in your Sprinter van simple yet functional is a fine line, and depending on your culinary skills may differ from what others deem as must-haves. In addition to the space constraints, you have to decide whether you prefer to cook on a gas cooktop or an electric cooktop. Each of these requires different planning for the build as a whole and also requires considering your power supply. Electric cooktops can really do a number on a battery bank but come with built-in features that make them safer to use. Gas or propane cooktops are easier to install and require next to no power to run them, keeping your battery banks intact while you cook. This is a common debate in the Sprinter Van conversion world and at the end of the day you need to consider what makes the most sense for you van build. 

  1. Power System or Battery Bank: Unleash Your Independence

A reliable power system or battery bank is crucial for a self-sufficient camper van experience. It provides the necessary energy to power your electronic devices, lighting, and other appliances, even when you're off the grid. Solar panels or a secondary charging system can help keep your batteries charged, ensuring you have access to electricity throughout your journey. With a robust power system, you can explore remote locations, work on your projects, and enjoy all the comforts of modern technology without worrying about running out of power. The power system debate is another big one in the van conversion world, and we like to tell people to do what they can afford and go with what they actually need vs. what they think you will need. Battery systems are often the most expensive part of your van conversion, and if you're not careful, these systems can run into the twenty thousand dollar range, making your van much more expensive than it needs to be. 

  1. Cabinetry: Organize and Optimize Space

Efficient storage is vital for keeping your van tidy and clutter-free. Cabinetry offers a solution for organizing your belongings, making the most of the limited space available. Custom-built cabinets can be tailored to fit your specific needs and accommodate all your essentials, from clothing to cookware and camping gear. With well-designed cabinetry, you can create designated storage compartments for easy access, ensuring that everything has its place and maintaining a sense of order and functionality within your Sprinter van. Although, if this is your first van build, we would suggest that you go with cabinetry that can be moved at a later date if you find it to be unnecessary or maybe you end up needing more. Using rivnuts to install your cabinetry instead of self tapping screws makes the possibility of changing your configuration later much simpler and easy to accomplish. 

  1. Storage Options: Maximizing Space and Flexibility

In addition to cabinetry, incorporating versatile storage options is key to optimizing your van's space. Utilize overhead storage compartments, under-bed storage, and magnetic racks to store items such as clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, and camping equipment. Foldable or collapsible storage solutions allow you to adapt the space based on your needs, making it easier to stow away larger items when not in use. By making efficient use of every nook and cranny, you can create a well-organized and clutter-free living area, enhancing your overall travel experience. A good thing to remember is that your van is small and can become cluttered within minutes if you lack the proper storage space for your items. Again, this process is an evolution, and more time spent in your camper van will give you more insight into what you need vs. what you don't. 


Investing in these five essential Sprinter van accessories can greatly enhance your camper van conversion and make your travels more enjoyable. From providing a comfortable bed for restful nights to enabling culinary adventures with a refrigerator and stove, these accessories add comfort, convenience, and self-sufficiency to living the van life. A reliable power system keeps you connected, while well-designed cabinetry and versatile storage options help you stay organized. All of the items listed above are open to interpretation from the experience you gain as you travel. We encourage you to test out different configurations and understand that your van conversion is a constant evolution. No one solution will solve all your needs, but having the proper van accessories will give you the chance to realize what works for you and what doesn't.