Sprinter Wheel Well Box with Removable Bed System | Serg Supply
Sprinter Wheel Well Box with Removable Bed System | Serg Supply
Sprinter Wheel Well Box with Removable Bed System | Serg Supply
Sprinter Wheel Well Box with Removable Bed System | Serg Supply

Sprinter Wheel Well Box with Removable Bed System | Serg Supply

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Bed Platform Option

Looking for an all-in-one wheel well box and bed system for your Mercedes Sprinter Van? The wheel well box and bed system combo available from Serg Supply takes your van conversion to the next level with a setup only professional van builders can achieve. Additional storage in the garage area makes packing all your essential gear a breeze. The specifically designed cubby system keeps your gear organized, separated and in place no matter what kind of adventure you take your van on. 

This package comes with two pre-assembled wheel well boxes built to your desired lengths with options for 54", 60", and 66", making this setup perfect for those who have a Sprinter 170 or a Sprinter 144 wheelbase and need a solution for keeping their battery bank, water tank or other gear safe while taking the road less traveled. Each wheel well box comes with separate cubbies on both the passenger and driver side for smaller items that generally need a safe place to be secured. 

The removable bed system comes in 2 or 4 pieces depending on the size of your sprinter van and fits perfectly between the walls, directly on top of the wheel well boxes. Aluminum bracing on the edges of the removable bed system creates a sturdy frame allowing you to sleep peacefully in your van. The removable bed is made of bamboo sheets to ensure that your sleeping area is strong enough for two or three people to sleep on, depending on the size of your bed. 

  • Choose between Unfinished Maple, Prefinished Maple and Amber Bamboo of High-Quality Prefinished Maple
  • Pre-assembled and ready for install
  • Lightweight and easily installed with two people
  • Bed material can match Wheel Well Box Material
  • Wheel well boxes come with latches and hinges installed 
  • Wheel well boxes are built to hide battery banks and water tanks
  • Easy access to your gear from outside of your van
  • handbuilt using quality products 
  • Powder-coated stiffeners were added for additional weight support


See the Spec Sheet for more information.

The different widths are specifically optimized for different vehicles.

54": Fits Sprinter 144", Promaster 136", and Transit 148"
60": Fits Sprinter 144", Fits Sprinter 170", Promaster 159", Transit 148".
66": Fits Sprinter 170"/170"EXT, Promaster 159"/159"EXT, Transit 148"/148"EL
72": Fits Sprinter 170"/170"EXT, Promaster, 159"EXT, Transit 148"EL

How do wheel well boxes mount?
The wheel well boxes are designed to shoot into the wall and the sub-floor. We recommend using rivet nuts inserts for the wall but self-tapping screws will work for most builds.

What goes inside of the wheel well boxes?
The wheel well boxes are designed to house all water tanks, plumbing, and electrical. Easy access hinged doors allow you to get in and out for a smooth installation and maintenance. Electrical equipment may be mounted to the inside of the wheel well box or to the wheel well panels behind the box. We would recommend cutting ventilation for electrical equipment, heaters, or pumps.

How do I apply paint, stain, or sealer?
If you plan on painting:

lightly scuff the entire surface of the cabinet that you plan on coating with 120-180 grit sandpaper.
Apply 2-3 coats of primer prior to applying your main coat.
Always apply a finish when you're happy with the paint to get a long lasting appearance.
If you plan on staining:

Sand the surface on all faces with sandpaper traveling with the grain of the wood.
Apply stain very cautiously to a section of the cabinet that will not be visible to gage the volume and pressure you need to achieve the look you want.
Apply stain evenly with a rag, sponge, or spray gun until all surfaces are coated.
Please note that overlapping surfaces may make the stain darker on the overlapped areas.
Always apply a finish when you're happy with the stain to get a long lasting appearance.

Policies/Shipping Info
Order Damages

If damage occurs to your order through shipping transit, please notate on your delivery documents. This will be visible by the pallet and/or the shrink wrap being damaged. After delivery, please email office@sergsupply.com for follow up.



Orders with smaller items weighing less than 100lbs ship via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS.


Any orders with items weighing over 100lbs or larger than 72" in any direction must be shipped on a pallet. Update: Shipping is free!

Each pallet is insured with liftgate service + residential charge applied. If you have a commercial address with a forklift, please state it in order notes for quicker delivery.

Installation Difficulty: Easy | 2 people
Installation Time: 1 Hour
Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool, Screw Driver, Drill Bits

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