Transit Van Stealth Four Piece Bed System
Transit Van Stealth Four Piece Bed System

Transit Van Stealth Four Piece Bed System

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Stealth - The Stealth line was created for the true enthusiasts who take their adventure vans off the beaten path. Made of 3/4" Hex Ply for the most burly and indestructible cabinet ever built for a camper van. The exterior Phenolic Resin coating is designed to take a beating and add a protective layer that repels chemicals and moisture to keep your van cabinets in the best possible condition, regardless of your environment

Transform your living space in seconds with the Transit Van Four Piece Bed system. Handcrafted with precision and high-quality materials, this system maximizes space and storage within your van. Whether you're a van life enthusiast or a DIY van builder, this system is tailored to meet your needs.

When it comes to enhancing your sleeping experience and transforming your conversion project into a comfortable haven, there's no better choice than the Four Piece Bed System. Devoted to quality craftsmanship, this meticulously designed and crafted product is built to last and optimize space and storage in your van. The easy installation process ensures that seasoned van builders and DIY enthusiasts can set up this system effortlessly.

The Four-Piece Bed System truly stands out from the ergonomic sleeping platform for a restful night's sleep to the efficient storage options and versatile compatibility with water tanks and electrical systems. Add features like soft-close hinges, adjustable latches, and a gas-piston lift assist, and you have a product that prioritizes your comfort and convenience. Plus, with the Perfect Fit Mattress, you can complete your van conversion project with the assurance of a great night's sleep. Invest in the best for your van life journey. 

If the Transit Four Piece Bed System does not suit your style, we suggest looking at the Transit Two Piece Bed System for a more simplistic interior. 


  • Lightweight Construction: We know that weight is always a concern during van conversion; the STEALTH line of cabinetry is 30% lighter than standard cabinets
  • Quality Craftsmanship: The Four Piece Bed System is a testament to our commitment to durability and quality. You can trust that this product will endure the rigors of your van life adventures.
  • Easy Installation: Designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind, the bed system comes with clear and straightforward installation instructions, making setup a breeze.
  • Comfort First: We prioritize your comfort. The Transit Van Four Piece Bed System offers an ergonomic sleeping platform, ensuring a restful night's sleep during your van life experiences.
  • Efficient Storage: With mirrored wheel well boxes featuring tall access doors at the back of your vehicle, you'll have ample space to store your essentials, keeping your van tidy and organized.
  • Accessibility: Enjoy easy access to your storage inside the vehicle and through the rear doors, guaranteeing that your belongings are always within reach.
  • Designed for Water Tanks and Electrical Systems: This system is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various water tank and electrical systems. It even features a water level sight notch on the tank side, making it compatible with the Northwest Conversions 20-gallon tank.
  • Versatile Installation: Whether you prefer a slip-over design for pre-mounted water tanks or an internal mounting, our system can be tailored to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Soft-Close Hinges and Adjustable Latches: The added soft-close hinges with adjustable latches provide convenience and security for your stored items while on the move.
  • Gas-Piston Lift Assist: The upper doors of your storage unit are equipped with a gas-piston lift assist mechanism, ensuring effortless access to your belongings.
  • Ready for Installation: We understand your time is valuable. That's why this product arrives preassembled and ready for quick installation, allowing you to get on the road faster.
  • Perfect Fit Mattress: To complete your ultimate van conversion project and guarantee a restful night's sleep, pair your bed system with our Perfect Fit Mattress, designed to fit seamlessly with our Four Piece Bed System.


  • Stealth: All Ultralight Black Hex-Ply Assembly
  • Stealth + Maple: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Maple Doors
  • Stealth + Bamboo: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Amber Bamboo Doors

Please refer to the materials page to see images and details of each option: Materials

    Outside Dimensions: 54"-72" Width x 33" Height x 18"-21" Depth

    New: Extended Depth of 21" allows for fitment on Dually Models + more water tanks!
    The different widths are specifically optimized for different vehicles.

54": Fits Sprinter 144", Promaster 136", and Transit 148"
60": Fits Sprinter 144", Fits Sprinter 170", Promaster 159", Transit 148".
66": Fits Sprinter 170"/170"EXT, Promaster 159"/159"EXT,  Transit 148"/148"EL
72": Fits Sprinter 170"/170"EXT, Promaster, 159"EXT,  Transit 148"EL

    Q: How do wheel well boxes mount?
    A: The wheel well boxes are designed to shoot into the wall and the subfloor. We recommend using rivet nuts inserts for the wall, but self-tapping screws will work for most builds.  

    Q: What goes inside the wheel well boxes?
    A: The wheel well boxes are designed to house all water tanks, plumbing, and electrical. Easy access hinged doors allow you to get in and out for smooth installation and maintenance. Electrical equipment may be mounted inside the wheel well box or the wheel well panels behind the box. We recommend cutting ventilation for electrical equipment, heaters, or pumps.

    Installation Difficulty: Easy | 2 people
    Installation Time: 1 Hour
    Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool, Screw Driver, Drill Bits

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