Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet
Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet
Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet
Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet
Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet

Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet

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Introducing the Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet - your ultimate solution for an efficient and space-maximizing van conversion. Crafted with the needs of van lifers, DIY enthusiasts, and professional van builders in mind, our refrigerator cabinet is here to streamline your journey into the world of van life. 

The Promaster Van Refrigerator Cabinet is the ideal refrigerator cabinet for your van conversion. This cabinet is more than just a storage solution; it's a testament to thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. The modular layout is meticulously engineered to maximize space and convenience, perfectly accommodating DOMETIC refrigerators. The time-saving convenience sets us apart – it arrives preassembled and ready for installation, making your van conversion journey hassle-free.


  • Modular Space Optimization: This camper van refrigerator cabinet boasts a cleverly engineered modular design that is tailor-made to accommodate DOMETIC refrigerators. This intelligent design maximizes the space within your van, providing you with a compact and organized kitchen setup.
  • Time-Saving Pre-Installation: We understand that van conversion can be a time-consuming endeavor. That's why the Promaster van refrigerator cabinet ships preassembled and ready for installation. Say goodbye to the hassle of complex setups – install and enjoy the convenience.
  • Perfect for DIY and Professional Builders: Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional van builder/installer, this product caters to your specific needs. The flexibility and ease of installation make it a top choice for all levels of expertise.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and care, the handmade Modular Refrigerator Cabinet is constructed from high-quality wood. This choice of material ensures longevity and reliable performance, even in the demanding conditions of van life.
  • Flexible and Safe Kitchen Setup: The modular design allows you to arrange your van's interior as you see fit. It provides a safe and comfortable kitchen setup, maximizing your space without compromising convenience.
  • Customization Options: The camper van refrigerator cabinet is constructed in your material of choice, featuring a beautiful prefinished bamboo slab. It's designed to accommodate the refrigerator of your choice, complete with a soft-close pullout drawer. Push-button latches are included unless otherwise specified, and the bamboo finish is coated with satin urethane for durability. Ventilation is pre-cut, and if you have a specific refrigerator in mind, just email us, and we'll make it happen.


  • Prefinished Maple
  • Prefinished Amber Bamboo
  • Black Hex-Ply

Please refer to the materials page to see images and details of each option: Materials

Weight: ~30lbs with no appliances
Height: 35.75"
Depth: 23.5"
Width: (Depends upon refrigerator choice)
- CRX-65: 21-5/8"
- CRX-80: 22-3/4"
- DR-65: 21-3/8"
- DR-85: 22-3/8"

Q: How do I install the galley?

A: Mounting to the wall: Our galleys are designed to mount to the vehicle's wall. You can measure and mark a section of solid wall truss/beam behind the cabinet to approximate before shooting a screw or rivet nut into the wall. We recommend a minimum of three rivet nuts or five self-tapping screws to hold the galley in place.

A: Installing a refrigerator: It is required to cut inlet and outlet ventilation holes for the unit to cool down without posing a fire risk. Refer to your refrigerator unit manual to learn more about airflow direction and ventilation requirements. 

A: Seal the butcher block: This is commonly done using mineral oil, butcher block oil, or a food-grade finish. This butcher block arrives unfinished, so seal it before use. 

Q: How do I know if the galley will fit my vehicle?

A: These galleys are designed to take up the space behind the driver seat in most vehicles. This unit may also be placed elsewhere in the vehicle.

For Promaster Models: The galleys are designed to have an angled cutout in the back of the cabinet to clear the dropped floor and allow the unit to sit flush against the wall. The Promaster models also have a structural pillar in the cargo section of the vehicle that will prevent the galley from being flush with the wall if mounted to the pillar. Because of this, we recommend mounting galleys to the left or right of the structural pillars. 

Q: What power intake does the refrigerator take?

A: The DOMETIC line of refrigerators we use accepts 100-240V AC and 12V/24V DC.

The Galleys are designed to fit your walls with screws or Rivet Nuts.

Installation Difficulty: Easy | 2 people

Installation Time: 30 minutes

Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool

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