Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit

Mercedes Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit

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Transform your Mercedes Sprinter camper van into a cozy haven for van life and DIY van conversion enthusiasts with the Sprinter Upholstered Wall Panel Kit. This kit offers various material options, allowing you to tailor your van's interior to your unique style. Plus, for added convenience and personalization, you can select specific window cutouts by referring to our FAQ section and providing the necessary details during checkout. 

Let's be honest: Upholstering can be scary. Although it's not a difficult task, it can become time-consuming and frustrating without the right tools. The Sprinter Van Upholstered Wall Panel kit takes all the curse words and guesswork out of your build, getting you on the road faster. 

The kit makes the installation process effortless, as the panels are precision-cut and pre-drilled. They seamlessly align with the vehicle's factory holes, saving customers valuable time and effort during their conversion. Moreover, for those who wish to retain their factory foam headliner blocks, our panels can be trimmed to ensure a flush fit, preserving the van's original features while achieving a polished look.

Every upholstered wall panel kit needs a beautiful Sprinter Van Ceiling Kit!


  • Precisely Cut and Pre-Drilled Panels: The wall panels are meticulously cut to size and pre-drilled, making installation a breeze. They align effortlessly with factory holes in your vehicle, saving you time and effort.
  • Compatible with Factory Foam Headliner Blocks: If you prefer to retain your factory foam headliner blocks, the panels can be trimmed to ensure a flush fit, seamlessly integrating with your van's original features.
  • Enhanced Stability and Vibration Reduction: These panels were designed with strategically placed holes at their centers, effectively minimizing vibrations. This thoughtful addition ensures a snug fit and requires drilling and rivet-nuts for optimal performance.
  • Adaptability for Variations: Every van is unique, and we understand that. Some factory holes may not align perfectly, but with a slight adjustment using a drill bit or burring bit, you can easily widen out any misaligned rivet nuts, ensuring a secure and proper fit for your wall panels.
  • Factory Window Cutouts: The factory window cutouts are designed wider than the actual openings, eliminating the need for additional spacers. This makes for a hassle-free installation, especially for the driver's forward window, a large factory window behind the driver's seat.
  • Superior Acoustic and Thermal Insulation: The upholstered paneling boasts acoustic and thermal insulating properties. It features landau foam with low water absorption below marathon tweed, enhancing your van's comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Easy Installation Options: For added flexibility and customization, you can apply these panels with rivet nuts directly to the factory holes or onto furring strips.
  • High-Quality Hardware: We provide all the necessary hardware for installation, including 1/4'-20 stainless steel machine screws and washers, accompanied by zinc-coated steel rivet nuts. You can also use black oxide hardware for a sleek, personalized look.

DIY Upholstery

The DIY upholstery kit is designed to apply your upholstery to your wall panel kit. 

  • The base material is upholstery-grade meranti
  • Landau foam liner is moisture resistant, sound deadening, and has excellent thermal insulating properties.
  • Comes with fabric, foam liner, adhesive, and a punch. 
  • Easy to upholster, beautiful finish


The Upholstered wall kit will arrive at your door and be ready for installation. No extra work is needed on your end!


  • Grey Mix Tweed
  • Heather Grey Tweed
  • Black Tweed
  • Brown Tweed

Please refer to the materials page to see images and details of each option: Materials

What's Included

  • Driver Side Upper Panels
  • Driver Side Wheel Well Panels
  • Driver Side Back Door Panels
  • Passenger Side Upper Panels
  • Passenger Side Wheel Well Panels
  • Slider Door Panels
  • Rear Door Panels
  • Installation Guide
  • Rivet Nuts and Machine Screws
  • Proper Sized Drill Bit

Weight: Approx. 60-85 lbs

Thickness of Panels: 0.20"-0.26" depending on material choice

Full Width x Full Height: 20" - 48" x 55"-70"


This product is compatible with the NCV3 and VS30 models.

Q: Can you do window cutouts on this kit?
A: We are able to do any Factory Sized Window Cutout needed! Just add a note during checkout!

Q: How do some of the Mercedes Sprinter wall panel kits vary?
A: The Mercedes Sprinter Van interior design changed in 2018 with two key features that changed wall paneling:

1. Newer models began featuring factory holes on Upper Wall Panels. While the holes are still pre-drilled on the wall panels, they do not have correlating factory holes and the wall paneling will need to serve as a drilling template for rivet-nut installation. 
2. Newer models have redesigned rear doors that use exterior hinges as opposed to older models that require interior hinges. The wheel well panels in older models have a cutout specifically designed to house the retracting rear door catch. Additionally, lower back door panels have a different shape for older model sprinters.

Q: How can I order a material that isn't listed?
A: Send an email to with your request as we can offer this kit in the:
- Any Marathon Tweed Fabric
- And Nassimi Fabric

Installation Difficulty: Medium | 2 people

Installation Time: 1-2 Hours

Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool, Screw Driver, Drill Bits

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