Outback Wilderness 3/4" Rear Overload Springs - Fits 22-24 Subaru Outback Wilderness

Outback Wilderness 3/4" Rear Overload Springs - Fits 22-24 Subaru Outback Wilderness

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Upgrade your Outback Wilderness for your next off-road adventure with Rallitek's 3/4" Rear Overload Springs. These springs are designed to enhance your vehicle's load-carrying capacity and improve its off-road performance. Using dual-rate linear coil spring technology, the Rallitek springs increase your approach and departure angles and reduce suspension sag in the rear of your vehicle. Here are some key features:

  • Estimated lift: 3/4"
  • Rear Spring rate: 355 lb/in
  • 30-35% stiffer than OEM
  • More responsive handling and turning
  • Extremely improved off-road performance
  • Maintains factory on-road ride quality
  • Increases ability to carry more weight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

With the Rallitek Outback Wilderness Rear Overload Springs, you'll be able to tackle rough terrain with ease while maintaining the comfort and safety of your on-road driving experience. The 30-35% stiffer spring rate ensures that your vehicle won't sag under heavy loads, and the improved handling gives you more control on the road. Plus, with a lifetime warranty and made-in-the-USA quality, you can trust that these springs will last years. Upgrade your Outback Wilderness today and enjoy your next off-road adventure with confidence. 

Most commonly, these Outback Wilderness Overload Springs are used when a spare tire carrier is added to the hitch receiver of your vehicle. Typically these tire carriers add an additional 50-100lbs of weight over the rear axle making the overload springs a key component for your off-roading. 

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